Sunday, February 15, 2009

BackTrack 4 Beta - the aftermath

Since my last blog post, we've had 49,000+ downloads of the BT4 Beta ISO, and 17,000+ downloads of the VMWare image. This does not include the torrents, direct downloads and shmoo edition copies.

Up to now, we have been getting awesome (!) feedbacks. Hardware compatibility is impressive.

A few minor bugs have been identified, which now can be easily fixed by updating our repo. This is where using well organised repositories pays off. We will be updating several packages and drivers in the near future.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates and package fixes. I will be posting them as they come.

Apropos insane downloads - there have been 2,482,000+ downloads of BT3 iso and 1,575,000+ downloads of the BT3 VM since they came out. Yes, thats "millions". Ph33r.


  1. Congrats on an impressive roll-out! Very happy to have my grubby little hands on it, running great on my mini note 2133 after fixing the video with the drivers in /opt/drivers.

    I have a toughbook now loaded with BT4 that my 10 year old uses. Might as well make sure he starts out on the right foot...

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  3. What did you expect with the best pentesting live distro out there ?

  4. hgfs in VMWare image distro is not working.

  5. Internal mouse on Eee PC 900A doesn't work however external mouse does...any idea on how to get this to work? Worked fine with regular Ubuntu installed...

  6. I have make bt4 to the USB but the network card is not fuctioning is detecting but I have to fugure it out. Great to have it

  7. muts (and the rest!), great job on BT4b. The functionality and ease of use just comes to show how much BT has gone through over the years, and how much time and effort have been put into it.

    To all you people that are complaining about hardware, software and image problems, this is not the place. Go to the remote-exploit forum and post it there. Also, your problem might have been solved already, so, do a quick search before you create a new thread for no reason.

  8. Hi,

    Congratulation again, BT is a great distro !

    Just to let you know usb version of BT4 beta is working well on my asus eeepc 1000H :-)
    Small French tutorial:

    Keep on releasing such good work !
    Good luck

  9. Kudos to muts and his team..
    Guys, I have written a small install install script to install BT4 on HDD. Interested audience can read about it here.

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  11. so when it`s going to be release?

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