Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shmoocon Highlights

Shmoo is a blast as usual. Lots of laughs, drinks, paybacks and sexually perverse stuff.
In an unlikely and strange cosmic coincidence, some of these moments were captured on video (THANK YOU Mister_X).

As I know these things eventually end up on the web (AKA, "The Pink Pirate Incident"), I decided to preempt this situation by posting these first.

The first gem is a short video of Reliks' awsome talk about Fast Track, with the new improved red skull eyes. During the beginning of the presentation, (Sub) Zero Chaos is hiding under Reliks' speaker table. At a strategic moment he pelts him in the nuts with a lemon. Ph33r.

The second gem captures a kodak moment where Zero Chaos explains why Pentoo is so good. He also stresses the importance of respect amongst friends. I believe his last words in the video are "Gay Chicken". Dont ask.


  1. Oh man, didn't think this would get released that fast... I have to give Zero the credit for creativity. Defcon I will have to one up that..Was fun hanging out with everyone I had a blast!!!! LoganWHD, I love you buddy.


  2. Really funny 2nd vid ...ohh guys u have fun !!

  3. Look, I wanted to PM someone on the remote-exploit forums, but since I just lurk, I joind for this purpose but can't PM for 3 days now.

    There's an alleged BT4 iso torrent that's been floating around for about a day now.

    And based on the comment made by pureh@te: "No one is going to upload it until the team says its available and not a second sooner. Just to be clear if I see it floating around before than and I figure out who did it you will be banned from here and IRC."

    I thought you'd want to know - although I can't imagine you don't already.

  4. There are lots of "backTrack 4" torrents, many of them are CD bootlegs of various artists. We would not be surprised in the least if a iso was "leaked". We're not so much concerned about "leaks" as we are of not having uniform versions of BT on the net. Not to mention that the ISOs can be modified on the way...

    Keep your pants on, we're almost there....just getting the mirrors ready, and all will be good! Stick to official releases!

  5. "Shmoo is a blast as usual. Lots of laughs, drinks, paybacks and sexually perverse stuff...."

    I have a video of muts and zc in a friendly game of Gay Chicken :0

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